Most Common Causes Involved In Near Death Experiences

Near death, experiences remain one of the most controversial topics discussed, particularly in the scientific community. While there is no consensus regarding the typical causes of a near-death experience, also known as an NDE, there have been agreements on the most common elements involved in these happenings. Researchers have identified an NDE as including feelings of euphoria or peace where the individual feels as if they are “floating around a room” and having an out-of-body sensation. Reports have been made of seeing deceased family members or a tunnel with a light at the end; therefore it is difficult for people to take account of all happenings in an NDE.

Despite the vagueness of these near-death experiences, people who experienced NDEs are numerous. Sam Parnia is one of the most well-known scientists examining NDEs and focused on patients who underwent actual death experiences. His studies used patients who experienced cardiac arrest but then were resuscitated to complete surveys on their encounters during the “actual death” period.

Dr. Parnia used this methodology because he was not happy with the explanations for causes of NDEs. For example, he stated that the element of euphoria might be attributed to feelings of happiness and not necessarily a part of a near-death experience. Dr. Kevin Nelson, another researcher in this field, agreed with Parnia; however, he feels less concerned with finding a core explanation for NDE causes and is content with examining specific reasons for individual NDE cases. He believes that multiple factors are involved in NDEs, and the below elements contribute to the experiences.

1. Reduced Blood Flow

According to Dr. Nelson, one of the most common causes of an NDE is fainting or a reduced flow of blood to the brain. The loss of oxygen to the eye can also contribute to “tunnel vision” where the person sees the light at the end of a tunnel. Fainting with the sensation of tunnel vision can be misconstrued as a near-death experience.

2. Chemicals Released

When a body is near death, it will release a surge of epinephrine, steroids, and adrenaline. According to Dr. Parnia, the mass release of these chemicals could contribute to the sensation of euphoria or other hallucinations. An early theory on near-death experiences indicated that the psychedelic chemical DMT or dimethyltryptamine was released in the brain as soon as the body assumed it was dying; however, this has become speculative.

3. Part Of REM Sleep

REM sleep patterns are a phase of sleep most closely related to dreaming. Nelson proposed that a person will enter a form of REM sleep when approaching death. He stated that if the brain is functioning to the point when it realizes it is in danger, it will create a sleep-state “fight or flight response” in the form of a dream. This means that the individual will be aware of the situation despite being asleep and a sensation of floating or out-of-body experience will be felt.

4. Triggering Memories

Triggering memories is a common symptom of near-death experiences as many people who have had NDEs will report memories of loved ones. According to research, a person’s sense of consciousness will become active when placed in threatening situations such as a near-death experience. The long-term memory and fight or flight responses are connected; therefore, people may recall the NDE quite vividly.

Final Words On The Matter

While there is not a consensus on the cause of near-death experiences, the effects associated with the NDEs are documented in scientific research. Whatever the reason, many people do feel changed when facing this experience and will find the experience contributing to changes in their personality and outlook on life.

Is It Possible For Psychics To Read Past Lives?


Contrary to popular belief, experiencing a past life reading is different to having a psychic reading. While these terms are interchangeable, the difference lies in the acts performed by the psychic and the past life reader. While a psychic will engage with their client and regurgitate all that happened in a past life, the reader will guide you to remember your own experience. They assist in-memory processing and correlation of these memories to a present life. So, what is a past life regression? We’ll cover that and more in this article.

1. The Regression Session

Past life readers tend to operate according to regression sessions which last approximately three hours. During these meetings, they will gain a sense of who you are, why you are looking to negotiate your past life and guide you through the past life regression. This process is essential because specific patterns in your present life are a reflection of your past life experiences.

In the second and third hours of a regression session, a past life reader would conduct a regression. The regression happens as you relax and close your eyes to focus on the inner life experience. Actual regression to a past life experience can last from 60-90 minutes according to the individual. Psychic professionals will always do their best to ensure you have enough time to become orientated with your past life and guide you through the experience.

2. The State Of Mind

Hypnosis is a type of directed awareness and to experience a past life regression; it is essential that the perception is directed inward to your inner self. To access the memories as part of your spiritual self, you focus on a lightweight transient state of mind. Many people report that they are aware of outside interactions when in this zone, such as birds chirping or airplanes flying overhead.

Past life reading professionals will guide the client, that’s you, in concentrating on the inner self and focus on this inward experience. The most common method to reach a transient state of mind is to focus on the rhythmic inhalation of breath and relaxation of the body. Professionals help guide you through this procedure, so you are in a deep state of relaxation. In this place, you will be highly sensitive to inner visual experiences, emotions and physical sensations.

3. Exposing Meaningful Memories

Typically, the memories come to the surface in a past life regression session that will deal with traumatic past life experiences. If this is the case, it is often due to trauma associated with death. The traumatic event can have an unconscious effect on the present day life, and by exposing the memory into awareness, you will gain context of the past life and death. However, it is the case that traumatic death experiences can prompt intense emotions which can be challenging to manage. Past life readers are trained to guide people in these situations and help them overcome these events to move forward healthily.

The ultimate healing during a PLR session can be either a striking experience with immediate results or a subtle experience with results seen over time. The positive progression is a combination of efforts between you and the professional PL reader. There is no way to know if you can process these past life memories until you have undergone a past life regression session.


Popular Theories Of What Happens After Death


Asking opinions about what happens after death can spark a conversation that will probably last all night. This controversy is because everyone ultimately has their perception of what possibly happens. Everyone has their vision of life after death, and here are some of the most popular.

The Soul Goes To Heaven Or Hell

Everyone is probably aware of the theory put forth by the Christian faith, and this is that saved souls go to heaven, and the damned souls go to hell – for eternity. However, different Christian groups have different opinions about how this process unfolds, but the result is pretty much the same.

As a side-note, Jewish people don’t believe in hell, only in heaven.


This theory is not as popular as the one mentioned above, but it does enjoy a rather big following. When people believe in reincarnation, they think they are reborn into a new life every time they die. And the purpose of getting reborn is to learn as much as possible because only once you gain that valuable knowledge you seek, the cycle stops.

Buddhist typically believe in reincarnation, but they are probably not the only ones. In fact, it has been a topic for many paranormal investigators. And the evidence over the years can cause some doubt.

Everything Stops

Many people like to think that there is no life after death. For them, when they push out their last breath, nothing is waiting on the other side. There won’t be any soul that leaves the body and float towards a higher level of consciousness.

And several individuals who support this theory are deeply devoted scientists. Thus, they need facts to prove life exists after someone dies, and how exactly is anybody going to demonstrate this beyond a shadow of a doubt?

You Create Your Heaven

There is a widespread belief that each person goes merely to the place where they think they deserve to be. For example, if you genuinely believe you are a good person, you’ll go to a happy place when you die. But if you think you deserve punishment, that’s precisely the reality that’s waiting for you.

Time Reboot

One of the most recent theories to create waves relates to an Albert Einstein theory. More specifically, he stated that energy couldn’t be created or destroyed. It can only change form.

Well, Dr. Robert Lanza, head of Astellas Global Regenerative Medicine, believes people create space and time. In fact, he theorizes that when you die, your life is moved somewhere else in the universe.

Ghosts And Spirits

Of course, there is the ever-popular theory that some souls never leave earth. Instead, they stay behind and become part of hauntings and other things of this nature.

Most people believe these souls have unfinished business, and they will never get to pass on to their heaven or hell if their life is bad.

Back To The Mothership

What would a life after death theory list be without the sci-fi lovers? As the theory goes, you get taken back to the mothership when you die, leaving your human husk behind. Of course, this is a generalization, and the details can get a little complicated, but the point is they believe that aliens are the creators of human beings.

Unfortunately, the only people who know what happens after death are those who have gone through it and remain there from our point of view. And the only way everyone else is going to discover the truth is by following the same fate.

Death Is The Beginning Of A New Life

Some old religions stick to the theories that life is exceptionally finite with nothing after except judgment and potential damnation. While this belief system is excellent to strike fear into the minds of humans, it isn’t beneficial to our souls. Our souls know that life is infinite and time is eternal.

It doesn’t matter what your race or religion, you are invincible at your very core. We have developed this website to keep you feeling powerful and expansive. Our purpose is to guide you into the spiritual realm through looking into past lives, reincarnation and much, much more. We’ll post stories that some might find very difficult to believe, but the truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.